Creating A New Starting Point for 2021

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We took some time over Christmas and New Years to really think about what happened in 2020 and where we want to go in 2021. Looking back, it’s evident that we can’t go back to where we were but really need to create a new starting point.

Assessing the Situation

Where we live, the COVID numbers are still not going down which means it isn’t safe for Hubby to go out to work. We will need to find something safe that he can do from home. He’s taking new classes, but training for a new position takes time.

It also doesn’t look like kids will be back to school any time soon. It might be boring and lonesome at home, but we have found ways to make it work.

With budget cuts, the basics are covered. We’ve managed through the changes with less.

Though it has been challenging, we’ve persevered. I appreciate all that has been given up… parties, school functions, outings, and especially eating out. Being home, I believe we have found a new center. Eating better, spending time together, and finding what is really most important and what we can live without.

2020 felt like a perpetual game of Monopoly where we never knew which square we would land on. Would it be in our favor? Will we need to pay extra for the benefits? Is 2021 endgame or are we taking a few extra spins around the board?

There have been setbacks as we missed the goals we set for ourselves in 2020. There’s no way it could have been avoided and we accept that.

Looking Forward

Even as we are just starting 2021, there are so many unknowns. We must be more clever and strategic, taking a leap of faith, taking things one step at a time. Embracing the future will mean taking more action and leveraging the time we are given. With so many unknowns, we have to depend on ourselves and what we know we can do, what we can control.

What will this mean? Selling the things we have that we no longer use. Making new things from what we have. Thinking of life differently. We have a general direction of where we want to be, but there are many paths to get there. It all depends on opportunities that may or may not present themselves. The main thing is that we’ll always be working towards our goal with small and consistent habits.

An Abrupt Disruption

The pace of change in 2020 was severe forcing us to adapt quickly and effectively. If there’s one thing we learned, we found we truly are capable of doing what is necessary. We must move forward, there’s no going back. Accepting this, we are working on creating a more meaningful life creating our own happiness.

2021 for us will be about getting extra creative, looking for the positives, finding solutions and connecting with others that choose to create a better future. What will you do in 2021?

a new starting point