How to Use the Domino Effect for Goal Setting

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School starts up again this week… and it’s way different with online learning. With online learning, students need to be more in charge of classes while keeping track of assignments and due dates. With everything we all have to do, goal setting and habits are a good way to stay on track.

Goal setting is like your GPS

They always talk about goals as a place you want to get to. Of course if you want to take a trip somewhere, what do we do? We pull out a smartphone and get directions on how to get there. Naturally as with any road trip you’ll probably come across traffic, take a few side trips, come across closed roads causing detours, and you might possibly even get lost. It happens… So what if you’re late to your destination? The main thing is that you actually get there. We call that Hawaiian time… “We get dea, when we get dea!”

It’s all in the planning

But seriously, how do we make sure we make that big trip to our dream and not take forever? It will take planning… What happens when you plan a road trip? You think about how far it is, how fast you’ll drive, where and when you’ll need to make a pit stop, what you’ll need to bring with you, you’ll want to have the car checked out so you don’t breakdown on the road, and of course you need supplies for the journey like snacks and money. Your plan is the map of how to get there and each milestone marker you hit, gets you one step closer to your goal.

S.M.A.R.T. consistent goal setting

If you’re seeing a trend in goal setting, you’re right. Remember those S.M.A.R.T. goals? First rule is that goals should be small and specific, bite sized and doable. Next it should be measurable and achievable, something small you can do every day for say a week or a month. This sets consistency and builds a habit that turns into momentum. With momentum as you hit each milestone, you feel accomplished and are motivated to continue. You might even pick up speed as you get closer to your destination. It’s like a set of dominoes… if you intentionally set the path, each step of the way, it only takes one small push. This is what James Clear explains is the Domino Effect.

Though let’s take this one step further with the concept of dominoes. Lily Hevesh is an amazing domino artist. She takes the time to plan her set up but even when things go wrong she never gives up. She just starts again. Her designs are complex and truly illustrate the idea of a chain reaction.

The domino chain reaction effect

Goal setting doesn’t have to be one dimensional. There is a ripple effect with positive side effects and benefits, that chain reaction. What do I mean by this? Currently, with this blog, my goal is to document this journey so my boys have something to look back on…. In terms of how to set a life goal and prepare for that journey and keep things together through the process. As a digital journal, I am using it to help with my accountability to get us to our destination. What will we need? Skills and knowledge, yes of course, but more importantly and I have to say my biggest problem, energy and motivation… With this plan, I am building my momentum. This plan also allows me to be more efficient and effective by hitting a number of milestones all at once.

The key is to start small and be consistent. Whether you are pushing down small goals every day or getting ready to push over a 110 pound goal like below. The power is in the planning and taking that one little action every day to keep the momentum going.

What are some basic life skills I want my kids to learn before they go to college?
  • How to set a budget and stick with it
  • Fast, easy & healthy eating on a budget (tons of contradictions here, but that’s why it’s relevant)
  • Minimum house maintenance – laundry, dishes, and a schedule
  • Keeping a healthy life balance – school and work vs fun and leisure (also something I’m terrible at, but hoping we can master this together)
  • How to use creativity to solve problems

This is a lot, but the aim is to get to all these goals from just one PUSH. They are all related. As we hit each milestone, we’ll reap other benefits. For instance, mental and emotional health! Having goals give you peace of mind knowing you are ready. There’s less stress when you have a system in place. Don’t know where you want to go? Don’t have a goal in mind? Maybe consider learning a skill or experiencing different things. Some you’ll like, some you won’t, but it will help you discover more about yourself and what you’d like to pursue. Eventually, you’ll find that spark, your purpose. How can we make a difference in the world? How can we make small efforts that will lead to greater things? This blog is only the beginning! Let’s see where this takes us!