Getting Creative with Halloween During COVID

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I know Halloween this year seems like a bummer… we’re usually out and about getting our costumes together and making plans with friends. I think this will be the first year we won’t be dressing up. The boys made up their mind to be safe at home. It was their decision. The school is doing a costume contest online, but it’s not like being able to show off in person. They also were mentioning on the news that instead of cancelling completely, people could just go out, no trick or treating, just get out of the house, but again idea was rejected in this house. So to cheer people up a little, I threw together our own Halloween party corner. It’s just for us, so I bought treats that we haven’t had for a while.

To get into the spirit of Halloween

I’ve seen tons of labels for a witch’s apothecary made by others. Since we love our costumes and props this one should be easy! I’ve been learning a lot, playing around with photoshop lately, so I thought I would try my hand at these labels and see if I could make some myself. I love the way The Witch at OneandSeventy decorated her bottles… but I’m so late with this I’m going for the fastest easiest way I can. Next year I’ll give myself more time to do more…

Getting Creative with Halloween During COVIDStart with the bottles and jars

I took a quick look around for some empty bottles and jars that we aren’t using. There’s always a good stash in the house to store leftovers in the fridge so I knew we’d have enough. Variety helps, but size is also a consideration. Gathering up the bottles, I cleaned the gunk from the labels and gave them a good washing.

Thinking about the ingredients

I wanted our bottles to be fun and filled with our favorite snacks. It took some time at first. I was thinking what does the food represent? What bottle would work best? Here’s the list of what I came up with, but you could really use anything!

  • Ogre Eyes – jumbo marshmallows with chocolate chips for the irises
  • Goblin Fingers – crunchy Cheetos
  • Tooth of Troll – candy corn
  • Pixie Dust – Pop Rocks
  • Eye of Newt – Whoppers
  • Wool of Bat – cotton candy
  • Tongue of Lizard – Fruit by the Foot
  • Owl Eyes – M&Ms
  • Spider Legs – pretzel sticks
  • Gnome Horns – Bugles (This is our tribute to Gnome Chompsky from Tales of Arcadia!)
  • Witches Warts – Raisinets
  • Tail of Rat – gummy worms
  • Petrified Pixies – Sour Patch Kids

Getting Creative with Halloween During COVID - Fast and Easy Halloween Apothecary Jars

Putting the labels on the bottles

We happened to have some full size printable labels. This is the fast and easy way. Just print, cut and stick. Others have printed it on paper or card stock and applied with glue. Considering the fact that Halloween is this week, labels it is! Before they go to wash, I’ll put a layer of sealant to make the bottles water-resistant.

The pixie dust bottles and the cookie jar are only on loan for the Halloween festivities so we went with tags for these. Because the pixie labels were so tiny, I designed them to fold in half, stuck together back to back. The larger tags were stuck to cardboard from an empty pasta box, but you could use any single layer, thin cardboard. Cereal boxes, manila folders, old book covers… even a blank envelope could be used if you really don’t have any cardboard. Stick it to the print side then you’ll have a clean back side.

Cut it out, punch your hole – I just used the Sword of Exact Zero (aka an X-ACTO Knife)… string it up and tie it on! Ready? Let’s party!


Getting Creative with Halloween During COVID
Getting Creative with Halloween During COVID

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