Halloween Fun in the Age of Covid

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Being home all the time is a bummer, especially during Halloween. We are usually out and about trick or treating, checking out the decorations and meeting up with friends. I am super proud of my youngest son.  He and his friends came up with this clever solution to still have fun on Halloween. When he gets older, he might forget about this day. But this video will always be here as a reminder of how we can pivot even during the pandemic.

This year’s Halloween Fun in his words

Hunger Games like the movie (or Survival Games) is a Minecraft minigame where multiple players start out around a center of chests, then run out and grab loot. As they gather armor and weapons, they kill each other until the final player standing wins. Now, we did not have a center. But we had a small room where we put everyone. We had a 1 minute and 30 second grace period (time where you cannot fight). The reason two of us had armor and weapons from the start is because we made the map and knew all of the loot locations. As we ran outside, you can see me duck into a hole in the wall and take items out of the dumpster for another player. He played on mobile and couldn’t access the chests. Now, the large maze of staircases was where the real fun began. It was inspired by one of the shows that my friend watched, and it was excellent for fishing rod PVP (player versus player). If someone was on a lower level, you could cast your fishing rod at them and pull them into the void, killing them. This was a very fun experience, especially considering the virus right outside. This was our way of celebrating Spooktober (Halloween) with our friends.