My Big PUSH from My 5 Holiday Challenge Goals

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I am always talking about goals. That just emphasizes their importance. Goals can help us trigger new behaviors by guiding our focus and creating that momentum in life like with the domino effect.

By creating S.M.A.R.T. goals with specific parameters, we can zoom in on what we want and know exactly when we achieve it. Though the PUSH goal is the one thing we can do that will help us achieve all the other goals.

The 5 smaller goals

I wanted to keep things simple and focused on only 5.

1. Find one item every day that can be sold or donated.

2. Focus on one are each week to create an organized space with a place for everything, specially designed to keep things accessible.

>>> For goals 1 & 2, if it doesn’t fit and doesn’t “spark joy” like Marie Kondo says, then it’s got to go.

3. Find one item each week to be reused.

4. Create something new once a week.

5. Don’t purchase anything for the next 90 days… and put up one thing to sell every week.

The Big PUSH Goal

There is one thing we can do that will help us reach all these goals. Let’s create things we need and can sell from what we already have. If it’s something that we would normally throw away, that makes it even better. I read on Mashable, about a company called Pentatonic that upcycles trash into housewares. Inspired by Pentatonic, but on a smaller scale. I want us to target items we have a lot of. Let’s get creative and design out of waste. We can do our part to help the earth!

These are available on Etsy
denim shrug
Jeans upcycled into a one-of-a-kind jacket.
Made from old t-shirts and power cords.

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