My Holiday Home Challenge

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In the midst of work and school, we get busy. Life gets messy. I always seem to be rushing into the holidays stressed out and exhausted. This Holiday Home Challenge will change things this year. I’m really trying to plan much earlier so we can truly enjoy our time together. I know it will only be a matter of time before the boys are off on their own.

We’re all at home this year and won’t be having holiday parties at school or with friends in the pandemic. I thought I would take advantage of the extra time to really get things done. If we can set up a good system, we won’t be going through this again next year.

Things I need to do

I really only have 5 things that I want to accomplish by the end of the year…

Purge and Declutter

We are always acquiring things… paper, books, cords, packaging, clothes or anything we haven’t been using and no longer need… you get the idea. The plan is to do some clean up… this means purging & decluttering. I’ve been trying to sell things on Poshmark, but I think I need to step this up so we can actually clear things out. I’m following Organizing Mom’s list of 7 Things to Declutter to start.

Organize and Streamline with a System

I have come to realize that there’s really only two rules to setting up a space. I haven’t been good about following those rules, but this year I want to make it stick. First, everything has to have a place. If it doesn’t have a place (especially when you’re in a small space), it must go. Second, always have an exit plan. I do like to save things for crafts and projects, but if we don’t have a place to put it or don’t use it, it has to go.

Reduce Waste and Be More Green

This goal I’ve had better luck with. We stopped using tin foil, plastic wrap and paper towels. We filter our water and use refillable bottles. I save paper, cardboard, milk jugs, and cans for recycling, but there are a few things they just won’t recycle. I’ve said I would reuse these items and have done a few projects but not enough to match the inflow. This leads me to the next goal.

Take Time to Create

Creating is one of the things I absolutely love. I have been neglecting this side of me. Making and doing relaxes me and lets me see thing differently. I have always encouraged my boys to be creative in all that they do, but it’s time I listen to myself. I miss my days of art and design but it’s time I get back to being me.

Start A Side Hustle / Save Money

If the pandemic has taught me one thing, we need to be ready for the unexpected. We weren’t as prepared as I would have liked, but we also didn’t get impacted like others. Still I don’t want to be in that situation again and I want to be able to help others. Cutting back on spending is one way to build our emergency fund back up. Together with a small side hustle, this can certainly get things started. Once that’s going, there are definitely bigger and better ideas to come.

The Big Holiday Home Challenge

So what is my PUSH goal? Make things to sell without buying anything. The challenge is to use only what we have so we can declutter. I will have to really have to get creative and think in a different way. This will take some brainstorming and experimenting, but it will be fun and we can do it together!

How will we get this done?

Like every project with a deadline, I first make a list of all the things that need to be done. In the past, I have been known to power through a project in a weekend, but it’s definitely more exhausting and stressful. The smart thing to do is to break this down into bite-sized pieces that can be done every day. Yes, there will be added items to the day, but I’m willing to give up some Netflix time now in exchange for a really calm and relaxing holiday!

My first project?

An appliance cart! Though it’s not something to sell, it will purge some of the scrap wood I’ve been saving. It’ll also organize our kitchen and pantry to make more room to cook. Planning the project will get my creative juices flowing and lead to other things! That’s three of my 5 goals… it’s definitely a start!

holiday home challenge

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