Things To Do

Life is all about the experiences and the journey.
The goal is to go out and experience as many things as you can. Learn a skill. Try something new.
We all have to dream, strive and sometimes fail in order to grow and find out what's most important in life.


Recent Things To Do

be creative
Why Do We Need to Be Creative?
Creativity is the cornerstone of problem solving in any area of your life. I knew I was creative growing up, but COVID-19 truly put my…
halloween fun
Halloween Fun in the Age of Covid
My dear Spacey Pumpkin, [letter to my youngest son in middle school] Being home all the time is a bummer, especially during Halloween. We are…
Adjusting to Distance Learning
We’ve made it to the first progress report with our first fully dedicated distance learning school year. Has it been easy? Of course not! We…