Trigger Your Curiosity

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Trigger Your Curiosity! Albert Einstein | passionately curious | creative thinking | critical thinking | problem solving

The minute we are born into this world, there is one trait that drives us all to learn and grow, curiosity. As babies we explore and discover, trying to figure things out. An average 4-year-old can ask as many as 200 to 300 questions a day. According to Warren Berger, author of A More Beautiful Question, from the age of 2 to 5 you have probably asked about 40,000 questions!

Somewhere along the way through the routines of everyday life, we lose our curiosity. Maybe with so much information available from the internet or because it’s discouraged in school, we forget to be curious.

Curiosity has led to some of the most amazing inventions and breakthrough discoveries from people like Leonardo da Vinci, Thomas Edison and Albert Einstein plus so many more!

Why does curiosity still matter today?

Maybe you feel like you know everything or you don’t need to know because you have Google and YouTube. So much information is available all the time, what’s the point in exploring things on our own these days?

Think back to the last time you were really excited about something. You learned something on your own and made a new discovery. It didn’t matter if you weren’t the first, but it felt good to do something new to you.

Curiosity comes from that feeling deep inside you that makes you want to know how something works. What happens when you mix these things together? How can I make something better?

So what if someone else has done it before. Who cares if you aren’t an expert at it. Just the act of trying new things counts. Forget about what other people might think. It’s about you and what YOU want to do.

Curiosity always starts with a question

Determine the Proper Question“Why don’t you like school?”
“It’s boring…”
“Why is it boring?”
“They just give us the information to copy down in our notebooks.”

When teachers give us all the answers, it stops all curiosity before it even gets started. Questions stimulate curiosity. Though it isn’t just any question. It should be a quality question that is genuinely interesting. A great question leads to what we want to know more about and what we truly don’t know.

When we trigger our curiosity, we become more creative about our solutions. Questions lead to curiosity, curiosity creates ideas and the right ideas can make a difference. Whether it’s in your own house to make things less chaotic or something larger for the community, questions help us solve problems.

What do I need to ask?

Often because of years of schooling and working, we forget what it’s like to be a kid. We forget how to ask questions. Curiosity leads to learning – about yourself and the world around you. Taking the knowledge and experiences that we’ve learned we can get truly creative. But let’s start with some fun questions to get you started…

Trigger Your Curiosity - What do you wish you could do better? Learn about yourself | Ask yourself questions | creative thinking | critical thinking | problem solving

What do I do now?

Hopefully based on your answers, you’ll get an idea of some things you want to try… see if you like it and want to explore more.

>>> Time to set some smart goals!

Not sure what you want to do first?

Make a bucket list for yourself of things that sound interesting to you, but you don’t know a lot about.

Once you find things that you do like, start creating a mind map of your interests or a Pinterest board of things that spark your imagination.