How to Regain Momentum and Motivation

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First month of the new year and things already came to a bump in the road. With all my greatest intentions and goals, I just couldn’t get things moving faster. But after some reflection to regain momentum, I’m back at it having learned a few things. Yes, you can teach old dogs new tricks!

Success is never a straight path

The road to success is never a straight path.

Think of your dream as the destination and your goals are the steps along the way. We create a plan of how to get to each goal with tasks. The road we drive on is life itself. 

There’s always more than one way to get there

Sometimes while on the road, I come across hairpin turns that I have to take slowly. When I get to the straightways, I can catch up on lost time. If there’s traffic up ahead, I need to step on the brake and slow down to avoid losing control and crashing. When there’s an accident or the bridge is out, I need to take a detour and find another way to get there.

There's always more than one way to get to your dream.

Slowdowns or detours should not be considered missed opportunities or setbacks. Take the time to see the big picture and decide if you need to take a different road. It’s not about falling behind or not moving quickly enough. Slowing down and being cautious is better than getting into a crash.

But what happens when you do crash?

The bumps in the road test our determination. Sometimes a crash might have you really reconsidering that goal. Before the move, I was a fashion designer. I love designing, but there are prices our lives pay for being in the industry. When I couldn’t get a job in California, I took it as a sign to step back from fashion. 

Things happen in life. We had to start over. We could have been better prepared for the coming crash and done things differently, but the global financial crisis of 2007 happened so quickly. It’s taken quite a few years to get us back on track.

2020 was unique. No one could see this coming. In one day because of COVID-19, we were all at home trying to manage changes over night. We have been able to minimize the issues that have come up and handle things better. I’ve learned to slow down, keep my eyes on the road ahead, while carefully maneuvering around the pitfalls of 2020. I know it’s far from over. We have to stay vigilant.

What keeps us from getting back on the road?

I still love designing and creating. Friends have asked why I am not designing anymore. “Just do it!” “It’ll be fine!” It has taken me time to get to my true feelings about designing. 

Many of the challenges come from me. Mindset is critical for motivation. For a long time, I perceived myself as a failure. I grew up as a perfectionist and hated the idea of making mistakes. Plus it’s not as simple when you have a family. I need security for my whole family, not just me, and the uncertainty was too great a risk. The path back to designing was not simple. I saw it as too hard and complex. 

Because I haven’t done anything for so long, I lost the motivation to even sew. I admit and acknowledge that I have been stuck. Once we identify and address the situation, we can work to rebuild.

So how do we regain momentum and motivation?

Take a step back and evaluate the process.

Find the gaps in your thinking and figure out a better way. This may mean you will need to redirect, but it will be worth it.

If necessary, work on something else.

The rest and reset can help clear your mind. You can come back with new ideas and energy, but don’t wait too long.

Prepare your mind, values and goals.

We need to see the bigger picture. Do we really want this? What is our true goal? Your goal should have a solid why behind it that is just for you and no one else. Really consider your values and make your intentions clear. This helps to redefine your goals.

Reevaluate your environment.

Is life getting in the way? Are there too many disruptions? Are we surrounding ourselves with the people and things that can help us be successful? Beyond encouragement from family and friends, you might consider finding a community of like-minded people. Maybe seek out a mentor or coach.

Use your habits to drive actions.

Small consistent daily actions built into your day as a habit can help you get that momentum going. Breaking your big tasks into small steps makes them doable. Celebrate and keep track of your daily wins to prove you are capable of achievement. 

Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going

– Jim Ryun
Pay attention and keep your eyes on the road.

Everything in life requires attention. Even when we think things are going well, the minute we stop, so does our progress. I could lose weight by watching what I eat, but the minute I stop, I’ll gain the weight back. It has to be a permanent lifestyle change. This applies to anything in life – money, relationships, business, health… If we want to have a great marriage, we have to intentionally spend time with our spouse. Truly listen to our spouse and give them attention. Life is all about giving attention to things that matter.

Setting a new path

I realize through the pandemic that I miss creating. Designing for me is really about using limited resources in a creative way to make something new and different. I would use my dad’s old suits and make new outfits. I collected scraps, remnants, end cuts, and scoured thrift shops for rare and unique fabrics and buttons. This was when I was happiest. 

Working in a factory was quite different. I saw a lot of waste and tried to use up these scraps and leftovers when I could. Deep down, I hated the leftovers and pumping out clothes just for fashion’s sake, especially seen with disposable fast fashion. In our family journey of going more green, we have been looking for ways we can change this. My oldest son helped me think differently about fashion and business with a new perspective and an actionable plan.

We’ve gone through the list to make sure we’re ready to go. Next big step? Make something! It’s time to @becreativegenius

What are you working on? What challenges are you facing? Let’s stick together and we can reach our goals together! 

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